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Grow Your Traffic & Sales with Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Maverick Provider is a marketing driven company that provides services in a simple and very effective manner to its clients. Our experts will increase your business by 80% through social media websites and keep it growing. Aimax knows the ins and outs of social media marketing networks and platforms to improve your product reputation and increase the bottom line of your business. We use top social networking and media marketing strategies such as Twitter profile, Facebook fans and communities, promotion of viral marketing like interactive flash games, eBooks, video clips, images and much more that is a part of our social media marketing programs.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a way of gaining Traffic/Attention to your website with the help of social networking sites. SMM programs are mainly focused on content to grab readers for sharing your sites link to their social networks. Social media is a platform where you can interact easily with anyone through internet access. It is an inexpensive platform for company/business to implement their marketing campaign. Within few years, social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, blogs and virtual marketing has increased. Now a days, many organizations/businesses want to come closer to customers through SMM (Social Media Marketing). It is build upon better content and good services to the client that is shown on social networking sites such as YouTube, Flicker, Twitter, Facebook and much more which enables users to Share/Tweet it with friends. It increases communication through targeted audience and also shows your product/brand loyalty to client over the internet.


Some of Our Outlined Services Below:



  • Facebook Profile and Banner Design
  • Facebook Fan Page Creation
  • URL Creation (Username)
  • Every Month 10 Updates
  • Fan Seeding Every Month


  • Designing of YouTube Banner
  • Creating customized channels in YouTube
  • Weekly YouTube updates
  • Weekly YouTube promotions
  • Every Month 6 Videos
  • Linking channel with Twitter & Facebook


  • Twitter Page Creation
  • Background Design of Profile
  • Every Month 10 Updates
  • 100 Friend Seeding
  • Linking your Twitter account with Facebook
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